Employees Are The Core Of An Organization

Today´s topic is HR (Human Resource) related. I’m going to talk about the role of employees in implementing the organizational strategies and reaching goals of the organization. For any organization to implement its organizational strategies and reach its goals, it needs to have employees. Employees are the core of an organization. They work towards the success of the organization and make things happen. It is important for every organization to hire the right people to get the job done.

Before I go further, I’ll like to explain deeper what I meant by organizational strategies and how to use them to achieve organizational goals. Organizational strategies are actions an organization intends to take to achieve its long term goals. The plans takes time and all the people (employees) in the organization should be considered when planning. The top management makes the strategic plan but the middle/lower management adopt the goals and try to fulfil the strategy step by step. With clear goals, companies tend to have effective employees performance which leads to a successful business.

imagesSEUHX2NSWhen a person is hired in an organization, he/she has responsibilities towards the organization and society as a whole. When organizations hire people, they should identify their strengths and weaknesses to help the management in their strategic decision making. Employees should be trained and educated in order to make them understand what the organization is trying to achieve. When employees know their roles and how to use their strengths to contribution towards the success of the organization, then they try to reach the goals. The employees should set their personal goals out of the organizational goals, share responsibilities for reaching the target. This will help them achieve faster and better results.

All these come down to employee engagement. But what is employee engagement? Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being.

Below is a short video that explains why employee engagement matters.

“Nobody washes a rental car” People are willing to do more if they feel they have ownership. I am going to share few tips on how organizations can engage their employees, grow their businesses and also make their employees love their jobs. I have read so many articles related to this topic but after my last session with my HRM (Human Resource Management) lecturer I realized that MOTIVATION is the key. When employees are motivated to work the outcome is greater. Organizations should learn about their employees and know what motivates them and deliver.


There are other steps that can be taken to improve employee engagement. Some of them are:

  • Treat your employees as a valuable partner
  • Give them the chance to make decisions as long as they are going to perform well.
  • Be transparent with them, update them on every activity of the organization, whether good or bad.
  • When you make a promise, be sure to follow through it. Never make a promise you can’t keep.
  • Show your employees that their opinions matter. Provide a conducive working environment for them. Trusting, open and fun.
  • Show your appreciation, thank them. Take time to acknowledge their work.

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Can you achieve your goals with the present conditions of your organization? I’ll leave you with that question for it will help you rethink your actions and provide what is best for both your organization and employees.

Make a strategic plan -> Set your goals -> Engage employees -> Grow your business >>>

No goals = Weak performance



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