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Upgrade To Sell

I know most of you know the meaning of digitalization but do you know the impact it has on sales and marketing today? Well, as an International Business student focusing on sales and marketing, I tend to explore, learn, practice and share my ideas.

A couple of days ago I was fortunate to be part of a mind-blowing event that took place at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Porvoo). This great event was DiGi Day. I know most of you are already thinking the way I thought when I first heard the name DiGi Day. ‘Yes! It must be about digital stuff.’ You might be right but let’s hold on with our conclusions and read on…

What is DiGi Day?

The main idea of DiGi Day was to learn about the impact of digitalization on business. How it’s changing the way we do and see things especially when it comes to the selling, buying and marketing our products and services. It focused on the modern day business, how we can utilize the available resources like technology to be successful. My area of interest as a sales and marketing student was to have a glance at how the future of business will look like.


Digi Day

During the DiGi Day, I was able to gather many insights from the guest speakers that have great knowledge and experience in this field. With what I have learnt and gathered, I was able to come up with a collection of ideas that can help companies and customers make good use of digitalization…

But first, what is digital marketing? Below is a defination by Ari Nevalainen, the communication manager of Haaga-Helia UAS.

019Well-established companies and startup companies are making good use of technology. Using different ways of digital marketing to promote, sell and connect with their customers. After listening to Ari Nevalainen the communication manager of Haaga-Helia UAS say 80% of the university’s marketing is going digital, I realized that digitalization is a way forward for every institution or business. Ari Nevalainen mentioned the different angles of digital marketing which I found very interesting… See photo below.


All these angles of digital marketing might be connecting, reasonable and up to date but there are obstacles that need to be conquered. Some of these obstacles are how to measure the return on investment and how to take ownership of all the digital channels since there is a huge spike in the use of these channels as I read Here. Another challenge companies need to take into account is the fact that, not all ages are active online. Companies need to consider how to overcome this challenge to enjoy the digital world. But how do companies overcome these challenges? Let’s help each other to answer this question. Every opinion matters in development.

Buying products and services has become easier for customers. We do not need to walk to the shop to buy all the things we need, online stores are making life easier for us. We can review and compare products before buying. The social media provides information about products we want to purchase. There are reviews on products and services that make you trust the product. I like the idea of online chat on websites because you can get some of your questions answered and doubts cleared before buying. Bryan Eisenberg a pioneer in online marketing mentioned in his article that, convenience, lower prices and peer pressure are some of the reasons why people buy online.

As a customer myself, I have few challenges that make me doubt online purchasing or interaction. Privacy is an issue for me, I will like to know how safe I am before putting my personal details online. Companies need to consider this and try to solve the privacy issues we face online to be trustworthy to their customers.

As a sales and marketing student, I think I need to focus on self-leadership and self-management and as Risto E.J. Penttilä, the President and CEO, Finland Chamber of Commerce said; ‘ in order to have a career in this world of technology, try to be proactive and a problem solver.’


I would like to share some quotes with you that I gathered from the speakers on DiGi day; we can all make good use of these tips, whether you are a student, a company, a customer or someone thinking of starting a business…

“Invest in your personal development and take a leap before you jump” – Oladimeji Joseph Fakayode, co-founder of ClipMe.

“Listen to your customers and personalize your services for them” – Mika Leno, Managing Director of VAIMO Finland Oy.

“Be the guru of your business and show it online” – Janne Mikkola, owner of Mikava Oy

What changes do you think should be made to make digital marketing more flexible for both companies and customers?

Please share your thoughts on the question above -> We are all here to learn. Thank you!